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Native Learn vocabulary Test

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1. Who fixes sinks and toilets?


2. You wear them on your feet when you go outside.


3. Animal that lives with us.


4. When you flip my switch, I cool down the room. What am I?


5. It occurs when a river falls off steeply. What is it called?


6. Like a dress, but with no top part.


7. When you have a runny nose, you use me. I am soft and smooth. What am I?


8. It is white on the inside and green, yellow or red on the outside. What is it?


9. Who bakes cakes, pies and bread?


10. The father of your mummy or daddy is your ______


11. Season of the year when Christmas is celebrated in Spain.


12. It protects you from the rain.


13. These animals pull Santa’s sleigh. What are they called?


14. Informal word for mother.


15. A person who helps sick animals to get better.


16. Fruit of an oak.


17. We were it on top of our clothes to keep us warm.


18. Someone who uses tools and fixes cars


19. A large building where the sick and injured are treated and cared for.


20. A small mammal with a spiny coat.


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